Where has the sun gone to?

The African sun has hidden herself. Our life force is ebbing away. What are we to do? Offer acts of kindness on her behalf to welcome her back?

The 2 mad scientists have consulted….. to encourage her back, we are offering 2 charm packs as as free gifts. All you need to do is let us know when the sun decides to shine upon us again.
The first 2 people who let us know that the sun is shining over our dyeing studio will win the free gifts. We post anywhere in the world.

And now…. because we need photos, here is a photo of the first quilt I am making with our own fabric…..  Mmmmmm the photo isn’t brilliant – I think I need to employ the services of my personal professional photographer. But… it will do for now – it will relieve the photo craving – my reflection is on the right hand side of the quilt. I suppose it proves that this quilt wasn’t quilted by a robot.

Bargello with a twist block. Quilted with double cross hatching.

Playtime – fabric designs to look forward to.

Now that we have our basic fabric ranges worked out and samples dyed, it’s time to play. It’s always time to play but sometimes we need to pretend to be mature responsible human beings. Nah… that’s for the birds. Back to playing…. What happens when the mad scientists get together? Well, to be absolutely honest, one mad scientist is directing the proceedings from a distance and the other mad scientist is actually playing and having all of the fun. We feel sorry for the mad scientist that is not able to play at the moment. The best part of the fabric dyeing is to play. This is how a typical play date goes:   mmmm, if we throw this colour and that colour together what happens? Cool, that looks good so let’s try another way? And so on and so on…. This provides for endless hours of fun and creativity. Just a heads up – our video production team is busy producing a video of the 2 mad scientists at work…. What fun to look out for.

It’s time to be serious, just for a moment, the photos below are the results of some of our latest play dates (remembering, of course that the one mad scientist is indisposed at the moment).

playing3                      playing1


These samples will all turn themselves into fabric very soon and will be available for purchase directly from us.

Fun in the sun – fabric dyeing at its best…..

For those of you that know me, I am a child of Africa and am passionate about living on the continent of Africa. My very existence revolves round the African Sun and being outdoors nurtured by the sun. As I have mentioned possibly ad nauseam, well, almost…It’s a hot sunny day in paradise and… its playtime. . A close friend and I (aka the mad scientists) get to work throwing fabric dye at fabric. We then leave the sun to work its magic.  These photos are some of the results. By the way of explanation, we use Loomstate fabric. It comes straight off the weaving looms and hasn’t been treated at all. Wow, what stunning fabric to work with. It sucks up the dye like a thirsty sponge. Using the sun as a catalyst, the resulting colours are deeper, stronger, more brilliant etc than I’ve seen before. I’ve run out of adjectives….

raw fabric
Dark colours – look at the blues and purples
Warm African Rainbow
Winter Rainbow Texture Detail

The pieces below are used as backing fabrics and whole cloth quilts. Ooh – the mad scientists can play forever……


Beginnings and Introductions

As the African sun beats down on a hot summer’s day, we are hard at work preparing fabric for dyeing. We buy our base fabric straight off the loom, prepare it for dye ourselves, mix the dye and add the fabric to the dye solution.  The African sun is used as the catalyst between the fabric and the dye. Once the sun has been allowed to work it’s magic, we rinse the excess dye from the fabric, press it and pack it for resale.

Our ranges include “African Rainbow”, “African Sunset” and more… Our product page is frequently updated so visit us soon to see the new updates.