Fun in the sun – fabric dyeing at its best…..

For those of you that know me, I am a child of Africa and am passionate about living on the continent of Africa. My very existence revolves round the African Sun and being outdoors nurtured by the sun. As I have mentioned possibly ad nauseam, well, almost…It’s a hot sunny day in paradise and… its playtime. . A close friend and I (aka the mad scientists) get to work throwing fabric dye at fabric. We then leave the sun to work its magic.  These photos are some of the results. By the way of explanation, we use Loomstate fabric. It comes straight off the weaving looms and hasn’t been treated at all. Wow, what stunning fabric to work with. It sucks up the dye like a thirsty sponge. Using the sun as a catalyst, the resulting colours are deeper, stronger, more brilliant etc than I’ve seen before. I’ve run out of adjectives….

raw fabric
Dark colours – look at the blues and purples
Warm African Rainbow
Winter Rainbow Texture Detail

The pieces below are used as backing fabrics and whole cloth quilts. Ooh – the mad scientists can play forever……


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