Playtime – fabric designs to look forward to.

Now that we have our basic fabric ranges worked out and samples dyed, it’s time to play. It’s always time to play but sometimes we need to pretend to be mature responsible human beings. Nah… that’s for the birds. Back to playing…. What happens when the mad scientists get together? Well, to be absolutely honest, one mad scientist is directing the proceedings from a distance and the other mad scientist is actually playing and having all of the fun. We feel sorry for the mad scientist that is not able to play at the moment. The best part of the fabric dyeing is to play. This is how a typical play date goes:   mmmm, if we throw this colour and that colour together what happens? Cool, that looks good so let’s try another way? And so on and so on…. This provides for endless hours of fun and creativity. Just a heads up – our video production team is busy producing a video of the 2 mad scientists at work…. What fun to look out for.

It’s time to be serious, just for a moment, the photos below are the results of some of our latest play dates (remembering, of course that the one mad scientist is indisposed at the moment).

playing3                      playing1


These samples will all turn themselves into fabric very soon and will be available for purchase directly from us.

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