Where has the sun gone to?

The African sun has hidden herself. Our life force is ebbing away. What are we to do? Offer acts of kindness on her behalf to welcome her back?

The 2 mad scientists have consulted….. to encourage her back, we are offering 2 charm packs as as free gifts. All you need to do is let us know when the sun decides to shine upon us again.
The first 2 people who let us know that the sun is shining over our dyeing studio will win the free gifts. We post anywhere in the world.

And now…. because we need photos, here is a photo of the first quilt I am making with our own fabric…..  Mmmmmm the photo isn’t brilliant – I think I need to employ the services of my personal professional photographer. But… it will do for now – it will relieve the photo craving – my reflection is on the right hand side of the quilt. I suppose it proves that this quilt wasn’t quilted by a robot.

Bargello with a twist block. Quilted with double cross hatching.

3 thoughts on “Where has the sun gone to?

  1. I hope it’s shining right now! =) If it hasn’t been shining since you posted this, I predict that you will have an almost completely sunny sky on March 21, which I think is the first day of … autumn for you?


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