Shells on the beach.

A small sidetrack….. I said that I would post photos of the fabric we dyed last weekend. Let’s just say, at this point, the fabric is stunning. The African sun worked her magic as usual. Our photographer is slightly behind schedule. He will catch up soon.

Puppies at PipelineBeach
Puppies at Pipeline Beach

In the meantime, we went to the beach on Sunday morning – to walk ourselves and play with our puppies. We have busy, multifaceted lives. We are working moms with 2 legged and 4 legged children, mad scientist fabric dyers, quilters and we train search and rescue dogs (and anti poaching dogs). We each have a puppy which is in training to become a certified search and rescue dog. My blog documenting the training of the puppies can be found here. Basically the bottom line is, if you get lost in the mountains, preferably a South African mountain, we can come and find you. But that’s a story for another day and space.

The question people might ask, and it’s what I would ask: What does dog training have to do with fabric dyeing and quilting? Well, it’s simple really, because we are training wilderness search dogs we are often out and about in the “wilderness” – the mountains, beach, bush etc. Most of our inspiration comes from being out in the African “wilderness”. This leads back to the point of today’s post. Don’t you love circles? I collected the most amazing shells on the beach yesterday. They will definitely be inspiration for another range of hand dyed fabric.


Now its back to being a mad scientist and play some more with fabric and fabric dye.

2 thoughts on “Shells on the beach.

  1. How gorgeous those are! So many colors I don’t see in our beach shells that are shaped the same way. Of course, I don’t get to the beach any more – it’s too far away now!


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