Do people wonder where mad scientists get their inspiration from – or are we just mad all the time? :LOL we might think we are mad all the time, but actually we need inspiring sometimes.

Last weekend I went up to St Bernard’s Peak Mountain Lodge to pick up my son. He had just completed the epic trip across the top of the Drakensberg Mountains from North to South, 250kms in 15 days. An awesome achievement. What does this all have to do with fabric dyeing? Well, the scenery on the way to St Bernard’s Peak and at the lodge is inspiration in itself. Mmmmm, how are we going to mix colours to match the colours of the mighty Drakensberg Mountains? There is something so special about the Drakensberg Mountains. No one can put it into words. People who have hiked all over the world say that there is no other mountain range like the Drakensberg. Enjoy the photos. They do not even begin to do the Drakensberg justice

Geese Playing in the Stream
The Mighty Drakensberg from a distance

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