Happy Days – the queen size bed quilt is completed and delivered

Sir Sprocket the red Burmese boy has given the quilt his stamp of approval. He also noted that heSirSprocket on Quilt would like a quilt like this, and didn’t accept “no chance” as an answer.  He likes to carry his blankets (and everyone’s sweaters) around with him ….mmmm I wonder whether he has been reading Peanut’s cartoons and seen how Linus carries his blanket around. What he doesn’t realise is that this quilt is far to heavy for him to pick up, let alone carry around. I suppose I could make him a smaller version with the left over fabric…..

On a more serious technical note, I tried a new quilting technique – “quilt as you go”  – 12 blocks in a row and 12 rows in a panel and 6 main panels with 4 border panels. This has been the most difficult quilt I have ever put together.  The good news is that it came together quite well in the end – and I learnt a lot, which is always a good thing 🙂


We also hand-dyed a whole cloth piece to use as the backing for the quilt. IMHO, the calmer, muted backing complements the bright happy quilt top.

Backing View


One thought on “Happy Days – the queen size bed quilt is completed and delivered

  1. Beautiful morning wake-up call! What a great gift. Love your humor about your dog. =) What was your opinion of the QAYG? You used such beautiful fabrics in this! Must be nice knowing you dyed them. =)


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