Birthday Present

What does a birthday present have to do with TwigaDudu you might ask? Well, it was my birthday a short while ago – I’m approaching a minor (major to me) milestone…. a conversation for another day and another blog. I will be blogging about it one of these days. If you are interested in reading about my wonderful day, pop over to Mountain Biking, Musings, Travels… and Dogs.

In the meantime, back to the matters at hand….. my family decided that I needed a memory quilt of the Beloved Giant Schnauzer, Alex. Mmmm, where to find photos without me finding out, and, equally importantly, what fabric to use? The choice of fabric was easy – TwigaDudu fabric of course. So they got to work. Fabric was cut and dyed, photos were secretly obtained and everything was put together and handed to me at a coffee shop on my birthday – what an amazing present. You will see the design is based on a design of a Ndebele House – my other passion.

Alex’s Memory Quilt – Front
Alex’s Memory Quilt – back

I LOVE the colours, design, just everything about this quilt, and probably won’t stop raving about it….ever. What an amazing quilt and thoughtful gift.