Fabric, fabric and more fabric

I might have mentioned that we need to dye more than 40 metres of fabric before Saturday. We did the responsible thing, planned ahead and divided the 40 meters into 2 batches of twenty metres each. The first twenty metre batch has been dyed, ironed and is waiting to be cut up into fat quarters. The second twenty metre batch was ready and waiting to be dyed. We had scheduled a dyeing session late yesterday afternoon.

This time around I started off by reading Lisa Ca”s article on How to dye 60-100 yards in a few hours. We only have a few hours to dye 20 metres of fabric so we need all the help we can get. However the temptation was just too strong to play. Did we stick to the plan  – of course not. It didn’t take long for the mad scientists to come out of their shells and play. We threw the plan out of the window and and mixed different colour combinations together: “What about a bit of this and a bit of that. Ooh, how will this turn out? Let’s try.” You can imagine the fun we have. The most difficult part is waiting until the fabric is ready to be rinsed out. It’s exciting to see what colours we have created.

Because I firmly believe every blog needs some colour, here are some photos of the fabrics batching.

I wonder what colour this will be – chocolate brown?
And this green?
Will this end up as Allie’s Brown?
This is a pretty green. Will it retain it’s intensity once it has been rinsed