Before we begin… our fabric costs R90 per metre (150cm wide) and R15 per fat quarter (50cm x 50cm) – currency converter.

Because our base fabric comes straight off the loom, the widths are not 100% cast in stone. Most often, the widths of the fabric will be slightly wider than the standard width.

Back to the fun stuff…. what we dye:

Our “Bright African Rainbow” fabric range is inspired by hot summer days in Africa. As the temperature rises with the sun, the white cumulonimbus clouds build up. By late afternoon a thunderstorm erupts which is followed by the most beautiful rainbow.

Bright African Rainbow
Bright African Rainbow

Winter on the other hand, is traditionally cool in early mornings warming up as the day progresses. The sun has moved away from us, past the Equator, towards the Tropic of Cancer. Our Winter African Rainbow is characterised by more muted colours and rougher fabric.

Winter African Rainbow

As I have mentioned many times before, our inspiration comes from the African landscape around us. There is nothing more beautiful than an African sunset, especially in winter. The following range, aptly named “African Sunset”, has it’s roots in watching the setting sun one evening. The colours range from the bright yellows of the sun to the dark red black of the night sky.

African Sunset

Custom dyed pieces – one of a kind. The following photo is an example – contact us for more details and pricing.

Bright Rainbow backing


7 thoughts on “Products

    1. Thanks for you kind words. The colours are amazing – the results of the fabric, dye and sun combinations are mind blowing.

      To buy from us, just send us an email with the range, amount and your postal address and we will post to you. The easiest way to pay us is via PayPal


    1. Hi
      Thanks for your question.

      It’s sold by the meter/yard and by fat quarter. A meter is 9USD (150cm wide) and fat quarters cost (50cm x 50cm or 20″ x20″) cost 1.50USD each. This excludes postage.


  1. I just realized how really inexpensive this is. That is if ZAR is the Rand you are representing with R. I will be buying some, as soon as the tax man has gone away in a couple months. =P I think I want FQs of the whole winter rainbow! Is that 12 colors?


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